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Requirement-oriented application lifecycle management software

Fighting Uncertainty in Software Development

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Requirement Management
Formation and maintain of software requirements model. Managing functional and non-functional requirements, data model and business rules.
Quality Management
Description and systematization of test cases. Planning and execution of test runs.
Development Management
Release planning, change request management, issues and bugs tracking.

Key features

Organization, approval and maintenance of software requirements

Domain Tree

Requirements organization in the context of the subject area tree.

Approval and versioning of requirements

Tools for agreeing requirements with stakeholders and versioning software requirements.

Collaborative work

Teamwork with project artifacts, including requirements, test-cases, technical design artifacts, issues and bugs.

Activity log

Logging activity and tracking changes in all project objects.

Multi-component software

Management of requirements and other artifacts considering independent components (applications, services) of the software.

Requirements tracking and verification

Verification of requirements readiness and test-case coverage. Tracking changes in the source code affecting the requirement.

Development Roadmap

Forming a release roadmap considering change requests, tasks and other artifacts.

Requirements traceability

Multi-level tracing of requirements artifacts from top-level business requirements to test cases, software units and source code.

User Requirements

Top-level user requirements and change requests.

Decomposed Requirements

Functional and non-functional requirements, data model, business rules and UI requirements.

Test cases

Manual and automated test cases related to requirements. Test cases runs related to environment and version.


Software units, API methods, version control system artifacts (commits, branches) and source code files.

Fighting Uncertainty in Software Development

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